Entitled Millennial began as a project to redefine the term entitlement. After-all, even those that believe they worked hard for everything they have, or worked their way up from struggle all on their own, are demonstrating a sense of entitlement. To put things in perspective there is always someone who worked harder than you and received less. There is always someone who has suffered more than you and hasn’t reaped any rewards. 

What’s also true about entitlement is that older people love to use the term as a bludgeon against the young. This blog uses its’ ironic title to defend millennials against the charge. Whether it succeeds or fails at doing that remains to be seen. Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Oscar says:


    I recently read your post “I’m a Millennial, I’m Unemployed, And I Am Entitled” and was hoping you would be interested in reading a piece of my own. A Reasonable Man, a short story, explores the unforeseen reality of the American Dream as it depicts the conflict between sacrifice and success.

    The story can be read free HERE! It is also available free on iPad, Nook and Kindle.



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