Hipsters are people too. I think.

Great piece by my fellow millennial blogger Rachel Gall.

So-Called Millennial

I don’t think I’m the only one who cringes a bit when they hear the word “hipster.” No one quite wants to define it, mostly because they fear they will be categorized as one. No doubt though it is a cultural phenomenon that has evolved throughout the coming-of-age of millennials.

I love The Evolution of Hipster chart above because in the years 2000-2009 I was ages 16-25 so I totally remember all of this, including the “emo” stage in high school. In college I remember everyone buying up trucker hats from thrift stores. I even remember people on mopeds & scooters, guys with beards, everyone on bikes, lots of plaid, and that one guy who smoked a pipe. I also remember in about 2009 when everyone swapped their Chucks for TOMS.

Misunderstanding “hipster”

Another reason we cringe at the term hipster is that it’s sometimes applied to things that are…

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